Our services

Laboratory analysis

We will visit your facility to collect samples and determine parameters you are interested in. Where possible, we can let you deliver us these samples by any means you find appropriate. Read more in the lab analysis section.

Yeast capture and propagation

We can capture yeast from live beer or other inoculated substrates and propagate it to laboratory propagation scale. We can start and stop anywhere in the middle between these points. Note: we will not knowingly capture yeast from your competitors if they are also our clients! Just talk to each other, be good neighbours!


Ask us questions, let us help you troubleshoot your process! In many cases it is free, if it is not we'll tell you and charge you upfront.

Sensory training

We will come to your premises and train your personnel to distinguish between different off-flavours to identify process faults as early as possible. We will also train them to informatively describe the profile of beer. Your beer will be used as a baseline model for best results.

Control purchase

We will visit typical outlets with your products, purchase and analyze them, so that you can be sure that your product is stored and served as you intended.

Data analysis

We will store all your data and analyze it (unless you tell us not to!). You can even submit additional information or ask us to look for some particular information. Small breweries can have big data!