About Alzymologist Oy Lab

Business ID: 3162030-9

Our history

It's a stone soup.

We had freedom, skills and knowledge to choose to do anything. We've made a choice, but what does it matter in the end?

This started as beer analysis laboratory. The idea was to empower microbrewers to have as good laboratory tools as big breveries have. Noble goal in pursuit of joy good beer brings to people. The year was 2019, the world was about to learn the word "pandemic".

We don't like giving empty promises, we like doing good, complex things bordering with impossible. So to fund the laboratory at the beginning we've started doing what was profitable - software development, consulting, and other unrelated stuff. We've gathered a team of great engineers and scientists around to do more unrelated stuff, asked overqualified specialists to join us.

And we keep going.

Our mission

Science is dead. Long live science!

We are private academic institution that funds itself through free market.

Some of us left government-funded academic institutions to stop nonsense of pleasing unaccountable Big Brother grant committees.

Some of us left conventional industry to finally start working on something that is not yet obsolete.

Some of us left financial institutions to make economy efficient instead of robbing it.

We do difficult stuff. Technological problems considered impossible, unmanageable entanglements of technical issues, tasks requiring broad vision.

With many troubles surrounding modern scientific and technological world, old institutions crumbling to pieces, conflicts all around, all we can do is try to survive through diversity. If the world around falls and we still stand, we'll move on with our piece of culture - science and technology. You would do the same, right?

We are doing experimental stuff. We are The Experiment. Maybe we succeed, maybe we don't - but we'll just do our thing. Do It Ourselves.

And if we fail, we will start again.

Our values

We value good beer. We value good products and good ideas. Things are meant to last, do their job, and bring joy.

We value ethics, honesty, humanitarian values.

We value wisdom. Curiosity. Experiments and models. Preservation of knowledge.

We value minimalism.

We value fun and joy.

We believe in building community power through individual development of every person. For no man is a island.

Our goals

About us

Alzymologist Oy is a family-founded company that has grown over time to accommodate new members. We are a team of chemists, physicists, mathematicians, artists, managers, and computer scientists, and we work together for over 10 years.