About Alzymologist Oy Lab

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Our mission

Finland is famous for great engineers and tough alcohol regulations. Microbrewers saved the world from mediocre beer, and Finland is a great place for microbrewers - but how many could afford a lab? The answer is - as many as possible!

Proper analytical laboratory involves expensive start-up costs, maintenance costs - and at least one skilled person to run it. In the end, no matter how many samples are run, some costs remain the same. And this is where community power comes in.

Alzymologist Oy is a dedicated laboratory for microbrewers. The services we offer are based on industrial brewing technology analytical methods, but we tune them for microbrewers needs and develop new tools - this is why we are called "Alzymologist". Microbrewers make better beer and should have better analytical tools at their disposal. And zymological knowledge should belong to people - yes, we share what we can.

Did we just say beer? All other zymology users are welcome - cider, mead, wine, etc.

Our values

We value good beer. Of course, consistent beer is something from the world of mass production, but what is really important - consistently good beer - belongs to microbrewers.

We value straightforwardness and openness. We tell you what we do and why, who we are and what we know.

We value community power. Working together - many microbrewers outsourcing analysis to our lab - makes our project possible. Everyone will have all the tools and expertise. And we share back - all scientific knowledge we produce ourselves we will freely share with people. Even this website is powered by FOSS.

At the same time, we value intellectual property. Your data is your data, we will keep it secure. All clients data is stored and processed separately - unless you ask us otherwise. Even our email is encrypted. Read our data protection statement

We value personality. Microbrewing is based on small scale, on individuals rather than corporations. We strive to keep this spirit - so contact us!

Do you share our values? Let's make great beers together!

Our goals

About us

Alzymologist Oy is a family-founded company that has grown over time to accommodate new members. We are a team of chemists, physicists, and computer scientists, and we work together for over 10 years. For years we've been making our own homebrewing "experiments", studying zymology as a hobby, that was well complimented by our professional skills and expertise. We've decided to start analytical company when we realized that nobody really cares to offer quality analytical services to those who need it most. We source our inspiration from White Labs success and we aim to improve craft alcohol world as they did.